About LINC

Linc Limited is one of India’s most trusted Writing Instrument brands with a national and international presence in over 50 countries. Linc Pen is considered among the Top pen companies in India with constant endeavour to bring out new Innovative pens with Innovative technologies. Established in 1976 by Mr. Soorajmal Jalan, Linc Pen is currently headed by Mr. Deepak Jalan , Managing Director. We have our manufacturing units in Serakol and Falta, with a daily capacity of more than 2 million units with ISO 9001:2008 certification, guaranteeing top quality products.

In 2017 the new LINC factory in India has been opened with production capacity of 1 million pens per day on nearly 8 000 square meters premises. This new manufacturing plant joins the other two plants and its inauguration marks 40 years anniversary for LINC Limited.

Linc Pens has an exclusive license to distribute and market Uniball products. It is listed on NSE, BSE and CSE.
Linc is a dynamic company addressing the growing needs of the second most populous country; it is a global organisation striving to achieve greater heights through sustainable growth over the years.


To establish LINC as a global brand known for its values, assertiveness and the acumen to adapt to an ever-changing environment


To deliver innovative, user-friendly and better-quality products at best value tocustomers, keeping in mind the prosperity of the Company and its stakeholders

Core values

* Ethical Business Practices
* Customer Delight
* Building Relationships
* Innovation


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